Product — Steetboard for World Champion

Colin Horan, of Streetboarder Magazine writes: "In summary, this is the most complete Streetboard I have ever ridden in terms of quality, shape and style. (...) The final product is something to admire". 

It was a pleasure for me to work together with the 10 time Streetboard World Champion, Gabi Muñoz towards making a better board. The board we designed used by Gabi to win the Streetboard World Championships in 2015. A Streetboard, also known as Snakeboard, is an evolution from a skateboard, and combines elements of a snowboard and surfboard. Essentially, it is formed by three parts: A middle bar and two articulated footplates. The rider is bound to the board and in order to gain momentum, moves the arms and feet in a continuous "S" shape describing a sinusoidal motion.

The new design has been optimized for reduced weight through use of FEM structural analysis software (Scan&Solve) and analyzed conceptually as a bridge with two supports. The new shape proposed for the board neck presents additional resistance and new cuts in the geometry have allowed to decrease the overall weight, essential for performing demanding tricks.

The board has been fabricated in China with custom 9-Ply Maple Canadian Plywood glued with ex- poxy resin, pressed in factory. The overall shape has been milled with a multiaxis CNC and then coated with full slick across the base of the bar and footplates. The plates have been designed to help you lock into your grinds, especially K-Grinds. The angle of the kicks has been in- creased with the idea that you get your weight over top of the board making it much easier hold onto your nose and tail slides for longer. Trucks, wheels and bearings are also custom designed for the board. There are two graphic options for the board, Kamikaze and Coconuts.

The board development started in 2011, first prototypes where built in 2012 and final retail product has been available since the beginning of 2013. 

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 Graphic design for Kamikaze by  Gerard Llimos  and graphic design for Coconuts by  Adria Ventura .

Graphic design for Kamikaze by Gerard Llimos and graphic design for Coconuts by Adria Ventura.