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How to Grow Almost Anything

This semester I’m taking the first edition of the How to Grow Almost Anything, a hands on class designed to teach practical lab skills on synthetic biology. The class is taught by David Kong, George Church and Joe Jacobson. Every week, we learn about a set of new lab techniques and protocols and apply them to wet lab experiments. Some topics we will cover include next generation synthesis, genome engineering, protein design, DNA nanostructures, engineering the gut microbiome, gene drives, and others. Read more on my class website.

Oscar Rosello
Cocoon at Ars Electronica 2018

We presented an installation for “Cocoon: A Programmable Dream Machine”at Ars Electronica in Austria, Linz as part of the Art and Science Exhibits. Our contruction had three areas: one to learn about our sleep prototypes, another to demo them, and finally a hammock to try them on. This year the festival had over 105,000 visitors. Our project was featured in the festival video teaser and “Best Of” videos! We presented our work in the Arts and Science Artist Talks. Check out the festival catalog and videos.

Oscar Rosello
Drafting Ideas for Ars Electronica

We have been selected to exhibit at this year's edition of the Ars Electronica Festival! I’m posting here some of our concept sketches. We will transplant our ongoing research on sleep into the electronic arts context. We will perform live experiments using our custom build wearables that focus on tracking, influencing and extracting content from dreams across different levels of consciousness. News on the MIT Media Lab website.

Oscar Rosello
New Concept for Dormio

Currently working on a version of Dormio that resembles the original steel ball method that Edison, Tesla, Dali, Poe or Beethoven used for creative insight.

Oscar Rosello
How to Make Almost Anything

This semester I’m taking Neil Gershenfeld’s prototyping class on How to Make Almost Anything. Each week we learn about a new technique enabled by digital fabrication and apply it towards weekly assignments. Some of the skills covered include electronics design and fabrication, molding and casting, embedded programming, interface design, 3D printing, composites, input devices, output devices, networking and more. Follow my progress on my class website.

Oscar Rosello